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Biomass Servicing

The Cool Dude has been working on biomass boilers for over 10 years, having been involved in the design and installation of over 200 systems, from small domestic 12kw systems to large commercial 1.5mw multiple cascade boiler systems.

Our highly trained, qualified and experienced engineers carry most spares required for annual servicing, PPM and breakdowns to enable you to get your boiler back to peak performance, on the day, without waiting for parts to be delivered.

As the initial biomass boiler market has abated, following the withdrawal of government support for renewables, we are now looking after a wide portfolio of biomass boilers, both for direct customers, and as a subcontractor for partner companies specialising in renewables. We are adding new customers daily, for whom their original installer is no longer able to provide assistance or has gone out of business.

It is vital that your boiler is serviced once or twice a year. Regular servicing by manufacturer approved service engineers will ensure that the boiler is operating safely and efficiently. Proper servicing and maintenance improves fuel and energy efficiency, maximising RHI (renewable heat incentive) payments. It is also a requirement of the RHI that your heating appliance is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Why us

Whether you need spares, full service coverage, or installation, we are equipped to fully support your needs. Cool Dude is also fully qualified for solar thermal, gas (natural, LPG, domestic and non-domestic/commercial) and oil to service your back-up system at the same time.

As part of the boiler service, we include a system water quality test, control software update, servicing of any directly connected cylinders, buffers and filling devices, electrical safety check and a general assessment of your plant room.

District usage points and heat interface units, as well as grain drying fan coils can be added to your servicing and maintenance regime. Fuel store servicing is available on request. We carry all necessary chemicals and lubricants; glycol, inhibitor, biocide, descaling acid, compressor oil, gear oil and copper slip.

For full range servicing of your biomass heating system, bespoke to your needs, prices starting from as little as £220 +VAT, please contact

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