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Cool Dude AC ltd are able to apply proven designs and practices to achieve the highest gains in economy for all methods of heating be it gas, oil, heat pump, biomass or district.

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Gas Boiler Servicing To Solar Water Heating

Cool Dude AC ltd is focused on offering up solutions to heating and cooling that go that little bit further.

All air conditioning products we install are manufactured by top brands renowned for their support and reliability, only the latest versions are chosen with all the features you can expect in today’s market. Here at Cool Dude AC ltd we are complete geeks, and devour the latest product releases in our spare time.

Cool Dude AC Ltd is a company that brings together engineering expertise from many sectors of the heating, electrical and cooling industries. Working around these fields, we can offer unparalleled service detail on your heating or cooling appliance.

We cover small scale domestic up to large scale industrial installations. Specialising in the renewable energy market, we install, design, service and repair all types of heating appliances including:

Gas boilers (natural and LPG), Oil boilers, Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers, Solar Thermal

Our expertise in refrigeration and dedication to a sustainable future has partnered us with manufacturers with the greatest reliability and ethical production.

We also have a comprehensive range of specialist services that can combine with any of the technologies we cover to give you a single contact for all of you or your companies service needs, we offer service an installation contracts to further your business scope and capabilities, with reliable coverage and exceptional people.


Gas heating | Oil heating | Solar thermal | Biomass | Air source heat pump | Ground source heat pump | District heating



Air conditioning | Refrigeration | Chillers | Split systems



LPG | Oil tanks | Non-domestic gas | Inspection and testing | Legionella risk assessment | Chlorination | Water mill | District pipe work | Heat interface units (HIU’s) | Pipe fitting


Heating is now a hot topic, with fuel prices fluctuating and energy futures in debate, you’ll need advice that is tailored to your needs, to fit the budget you have. Current industry guidelines and standards are still years behind many of European countries, technology is starting to filter into Britain, but due to ignorance in the market, people are still using wall thermostats and time switches on new systems and even new properties. Using the latest weather compensation controls, linked to local weather stations via the Internet, we can give you up to a 15% saving on your annual heating bill, by replacing the existing radiators this could be increased to 25%.

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Using the experience gained working within the renewables sector, we are able to apply proven designs and practices to achieve the highest gains in economy for all methods of heating be it gas, oil, heat pump, biomass or district. Control your heating from your smartphone, weather compensation, low flow temperature, reduced flow rates and longer product life span: all available in one package.

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