Heat Pump Servicing

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Heat Pump Servicing

The Cool Dude loves Heat Pumps! Without equal, they are the most efficient way to produce heat. They can be placed in any building despite what sceptics may say. They can produce more energy than they consume and will give many years of reliable, clean service without the need for expensive upgrades or replacement parts.

Like any heating appliance, it is vital that your heat pump is serviced at least once a year. Regular servicing by manufacturer-approved service engineers will ensure that the heat pump is operating safely and efficiently. Proper servicing and maintenance improve energy efficiency. It is also a requirement of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) that your heating appliance is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

As part of the heat pump service, we include a system water quality test, control software update, servicing of any directly connected cylinders, buffers and filling devices, an electrical safety check and a general assessment of your plant room. We are also Refcom registered and can undertake any repairs to the refrigeration circuit such as refrigerant leak checks, refrigerant recharging and compressor changes. We can also repair electrical components such as power boards and soft-start controllers.

Why us

You may have a heat pump connected to a swimming pool, either as a single heating appliance or as an extension to your heating system. Years of experience in this sector means that we are familiar with most of the manufacturers used in the UK. We can also take care of any pool equipment such as pumps, filters and dosing systems.

Whether you need spares, full service coverage, or installation, we are equipped and experienced to fully support your needs. Cool Dude is also fully qualified and accredited for solar thermal, gas (natural, LPG, domestic and non-domestic/commercial) and oil to service your back-up system at the same time.

We specialise in Mitsubishi, Dimplex, Nibe, Danfoss and Samsung


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