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Solar Thermal Installation & More

Gas heating, Oil heating, Solar thermal, Biomass, Heat pumps, District heat networks



Now, you’ve just spent loads of money on a new shiny heating appliance, the installer has done an excellent job and it looks like it will last for ever; but like your car, it should seen by a qualified engineer at least once a year.

Over time, settings will drift and components will start to wear out, in the short this will cost in lost performance, in the long-term breakdowns will cost more. Some manufacturers and insurance companies will insist on annual servicing to satisfy warranty conditions.

Servicing from Cool Dude AC ltd will keep your appliance at its peak performance, an intensive service based on the manufacturers check list and our own in-house procedures will keep you appliance working error free, all year long.

  • Air Con: Vaillant, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Samsung
  • Biomass: Windhager, ETA, Nibe and Froling.
  • Heat pumps: Dimplex, Danfoss, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, IDM, Nibe and Calorex
  • Solar thermal: Kingspan, Barilla, Worcester, Viessman, TiSun, Veridian and all others
  • Gas: Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Glowworm, Alpha, Viessman and Vaillant
  • Oil: Grant and Worcester Bosch

Gas heating

Gas boilers have improved massively in the last 20 years, from a standard of 70% to a current level of up to 93% today, improved product reliability and fewer moving parts. The current range of boilers come with standard warranties of up to 10 years and offer the most cost effective up-front cost savings of any other platform. Combined with newer control systems like weather compensation, the average consumer stands to make large savings with a new A+ efficiency boiler.

Cool Dude AC actively research the latest models from Vaillant and Worcester Bosch to see how they perform, on site, and at home, to give you the best performance from your product.

We are fully insured and accredited for domestic and non-domestic, natural gas and LPG installations.

Oil heating

Since the introduction of condensing oil boilers, typical boiler efficiencies have improved up to 93%. For customers with a home that is not served by a gas network, and subject to price fluctuations, this can be a sizable cost saving over the old boiler that may have been 60% efficient; when new! Regulations have also moved on and OFTEC are now seeing more powers granted to them to bring them in line with Gas Safe to improve the reputation and safety of the oil heating market.

Moving over to a new oil boiler will give you greater confidence as Cool Dude AC are able to offer you Grant or Worcester Bosch boilers with a standard 7 year warranty for peace of mind. We are also able to install your new boiler with the latest connected thermostats and connected controls.

Cool Dude AC is fully insured and accredited to meet your needs.

Solar thermal

Solar thermal is essentially free heat. During the summer you will seldom use your boiler or heat pump as the sun will be sufficient to do it all for you, even on a cloudy day. In winter, the system will lessen the need for your boiler or heat pump to run, acting as a pre-heat for your hot water.

If you have a swimming pool, there is no more cost effective way to heat, especially if you pool is outside; if you’re in the pool, the sun is out!

For hot water, pool or process heat, flat plate or evacuated tube, smallest or the largest installation in the country; Cool Dude AC will do this for you.


  • Servicing and repairs

  • Software updates

  • System upgrates

  • Backup boilers

  • Design and installation

  • Wood pellet, chip and logs

  • Froling, ETA and Winghager specialist

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are by far the most efficient way to heat a property. With seasonal efficiency of up to 500% they embody the spirit of sustainability, combined with solar and battery storage make fuel bills a thing of the past.

The engineers at Cool Dude AC have been working with heat pumps for more than 18 years and have vast experience of most manufacturers of both ground and air source heat pumps, including open loop collectors.

From small domestic to larger commercial and pool systems, our engineers have the experience and ability to install and service and specify your chosen solution.

District heat networks

  • Design and installation

  • Plant design and build

  • Integration to existing heating

  • Heat interface units (HIU)

  • Heat exchangers

  • Ground works

  • Rehau pipe specialist

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