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Our Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement

We are committed to helping people to save the planet!

All of the measures that we install, all the services we carry out, and all our internal processes, are meticulously designed to run in the most efficient way with the least amount of waste. The materials we use are selected with the wider environment in mind, our suppliers provide us with the details of where the raw material in sourced from, how it is processed, and how the end product is delivered.

Job done? No!

Who else considered what will happen to the product and materials used in construction at the end of its useful life? We do. All our waste is ethically reclaimed and recycled.

Nothing last forever, nor should it! Technology advances at ever increasing rates, what is new today is old tomorrow. Heating, cooling and control technology improves year on year, so as more advanced methods are introduced we must phase out the old. Holding onto that boiler installed 15 years ago may seem prudent, but it was 70% efficient when new. Boilers now are around 93% efficient, that’s £230 wasted each year for an average 3 bed house.

I today’s heating and cooling market there’s is no apparent incentive to be more fuel efficient and help reduce our impact on the environment, other than a financial scheme (Microgeneration Certification Scheme or MCS) as provided by the Government. We believe that it should be the industry norm, rather than the exception, to focus on responsible environmental measures over base financial cost or “ticking the box” as practised by the greater construction industry. A couple of PV panels in the middle of a roof that could hold an array of 20 is, in our mind, as bad as not doing it at all.

It is clear to all that government is lobbied by powerful companies that have a narrow aspect on the future of the planet over short term prosperity gains, and that they often follow the narrative of jobs before the environment, forgetting that without the environment, there are no jobs.

Furthermore, the popular media is “balanced“ with the insertion of climate sceptics or deniers. These people have a narrow view of the world around them and evidently have their own self interests at heart. For this reason we, as responsible guardians of the future, will refuse business from those not sharing this view.

  • We will only install an appliance that is the most efficient in it’s class.
  • We will only use sustainable, responsibly sourced and easily recyclable materials.
  • Overall, all of our measures will be implemented in the most efficient way.