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About Cool Dude AC

Focusing on offering up solutions to heating and cooling


Cool Dude AC ltd for Ultra Efficient Heating and Cooling

Cool dude AC ltd is owned and run by Barney Westbrook, with over 20 years’ experience within mechanical and electrical engineering. He has vast knowledge of all things mechanical and electrical. Starting out in the Automotive sector in production engineering, then moving to product testing and development 4 years later. Advancing from there into heavy engineering and communications, and then moving into building services in 2007, just as renewable energy was starting to become talked about. Since then, Barney has been working on ways to efficiently control and manage building services.

Passionately protective of the wider environment, he has structured the company to focus on reducing the impact of modern humanity on the natural world. Starting by educating and informing customers in what is available and how best to implement the technology, and make an informed decision.

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